General Rules

  • Only triangle meshes are allowed (no lines or points)

  • In total, all meshes in a file combined must not exceed 15000 triangles. You can use this limit among meshes as you like

  • Mesh vertices must contain the following attributes: position, normal, joints_0, weights_0, texcoord_0. Vertex colors are NOT allowed (and will be erased automatically)

  • Each mesh must have its own material. Materials can not be shared between meshes. However, textures CAN and most likely shall be shared among materials. File can have the following meshes:

  • Wolf3D_Head_Custom

  • Wolf3D_Body_Custom

  • Wolf3D_Outfit_Top

  • Wolf3D_Outfit_Bottom

  • Wolf3D_Outfit_Footwear The file must have Wolf3D_Body_Custom mesh. All other meshes are optional

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