Creator Suite Overview

Create and sell custom interoperable avatars and game items with the Faraway Creator Suite

What is the Faraway Creator Suite?

The Faraway Creator Suite is a platform where 3D artists can create mintable collections from the items that they've made in external 3D design programs - the first supported item type is male and female avatars. After a creator deploys their collection and adds items to it, a custom storefront on the Faraway Shop will be deployed for them, where their items will be made available for purchase.

Prices for items are set by the creator and anyone can purchase characters from the Faraway Shop.

3D Models in the Faraway Shop can be purchased by anyone, and once purchased, can be equipped in thousands of digital experience and games, including:

  • Dookey Dash Unclogged

  • Mini Royale: Nations

  • Hiberworld

  • Serum City

  • Spatial

  • Ready Player Me

  • and thousands more!

In a nutshell, here's how it works:

  1. Create an account with Faraway and link your web3 wallet

  2. Create a collection and upload your 3D models as items

    1. Make sure that your models match the requirements (See Technical Requirements section)

  3. Set prices for your collection items in ETH, MATIC, or SOL

  4. The Faraway Moderation Team will approve or reject your items based on a combination of technical, legal, and social factors

  5. When at least one of your items has been approved, you can deploy your collection to the Faraway Shop and start selling your items

Get started with the Faraway Creator Suite at

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