Earn money each time someone completes a purchase in the Faraway Shop using your referral link

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and we want to reward evangelists of the Faraway gaming ecosystem.

In the Faraway Shop, users can earn 5% of any sale that is completed using their custom referral link. Referral links are available to all users, regardless of if they are an item Creator or Seller with a Storefront or not.

To generate a custom referral link from the Faraway Shop homepage, head to the item that you want to share and hit the 3 dots next to the item price.

If you're viewing the item on its own page, use the share icon in the upper right corner.

Hit Share to add your payout wallets (across all blockchains) and to access your referral link.

If you're already logged in, click Add Referral Wallets and enter the wallet addresses that you would like to be paid out to each time someone purchases this item with your referral link. You must add at least 1 wallet in order to generate a custom referral link. You can paste in any wallet address, or, if you have already connected wallets to your Faraway account, you can select those wallets from the dropdown menu.

Important note: You must add payout wallets that match the currency chain of the item that you're referring. For example, if you do not add an Ethereum wallet address, and you generate a link for a referral for an item priced in ETH, you will not receive your referral payout.

Once your wallet has been added, hit Save. You can then copy the link in the item box and start your journey as a referrer!

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