Creator Suite FAQ

Common questions about the Creator Suite from the community

How do I update my Creator name and PFP in the Faraway Shop?

To update your Creator name and PFP:

  1. Click on the person icon in the upper right corner

  1. Click Manage Your Profile

  2. Add a new creator name and PFP

Can I upload a vehicle for Dookey Dash Unclogged to the Creator Suite?

Not yet! But you will be able to upload vehicles and sell them in the Faraway Shop soon.

Can I validate my model before submitting it?

Because we run validation checks after you submit your model, the only way to check how your model looks is to use the 3d model viewer on the submission page.

If there are issues with your model, it may be automatically rejected. You can see what the exact error was by clicking on the rejected item in the Unpublished tab.

Is opacity supported for 3d models?

Not currently.

Are Mixamo rigs supported?

They are!

Can Faraway make or rig a model for me?

We cannot. While we're not currently assisting creators with modeling/rigging existing model, we are happy to point you in the direction of some 3D artists in the space that may be able to work on the project with you!

Here are some people who have done excellent work already!

Can I update the image or .glb for my item after it's been listed in my Storefront?

Images and .glbs can't be edited once they have been approved. If you need to change your image or .glb, you will need to submit a new listing in the Creator Suite.

How can I equip my Faraway Shop skins in Mini Royale: Nations?

Head to, then connect the wallet that contains your Faraway Shop skins.

Click on Loadouts, then click on the character avatar. This will open the Inventory page.

Click the bottom tab on the Inventory page to view your Faraway Shop skins, then select the skin you want to wear, then click Equip.

How can I view my skin in 3rd person in Mini Royale: Nations?

In the Inventory page, click Photo Mode to generate all kinds of cool images with your model.

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