The Faraway Shop is a gaming marketplace for minting, buying and selling interoperable assets across the Faraway game ecosystem. Purchasable items include avatars, weapon skins, game access passes, and other in-game items used across games like Mini Royale: Nations, Serum City, Dookey Dash: Unclogged, Legends of the Mara, and more coming soon.

Like traditional web3 marketplaces, the Faraway Shop showcases all on-chain metadata related to a listed or mintable item. However, unlike other marketplaces, the Faraway Shop has been carefully designed to provide a holistic view of items that have utility across multiple games or virtual worlds. An interoperable item may have different data/utility depending on the game where it is used, and the Faraway Shop is designed to make sure this cross-game utility is prominently communicated. Faraway believes in a world of more open game economies where digital assets can and should have utility across many experiences.

What is Creator Content?

Certain Faraway games, like Mini Royale: Nations, support UGC (user-generated content). For example, a community member can create a 3d character model (meeting Faraway’s technical requirements) which can be purchased and used by players in-game.

A Creator is someone who has made a UGC game item and uploaded it to the Faraway Shop - this content is considered Creator Content and is featured in the Creator Content tab of the Faraway Shop. Creators can run their own Storefronts where their items are purchasable, and other Sellers can also aggregate and list items made by these Creators.

What is the role of blockchain in the Faraway Shop?

All items sold on the Faraway Shop have been minted to a blockchain like Ethereum, Solana, or Polygon. Once purchased, these items live in the buyer’s web3 wallet (e.g. Metamask, Phantom) and are integrated and visible in games once their wallet is connected to the application. Buyers pay for items using cryptocurrencies corresponding to the blockchain that the item was minted to.

How does the Faraway Shop handle royalties on secondary sales?

If you’re not familiar, a royalty is a designated percentage of revenue from an item sale that is reserved for the item Creator. Royalties apply to every secondary marketplace transaction of an item, regardless of the sales price.

In the Faraway Shop, royalties are enforced, meaning that the Creators receive a piece of the sales price every time one of their items is resold in the Faraway Shop. This creator royalty amount is taken from the amount that the Seller receives when their item sells. The Faraway Shop also takes a 2.5% marketplace from the sales price of each transaction, paid by the Buyer.

Not all marketplaces enforce royalties. Instead, some marketplace allow the purchaser to decide if they want the Creator to receive their royalty. We believe that in order for the new era of digital open economies to flourish, Creators must be incentivized to create and sell excellent items, and that royalties provide a means of sustainability for these Creators. Tldr; we honor creator royalties and that will never change.

Can anyone upload anything on the Faraway Shop?

Yes, and no.

Anyone can upload their creations to the Faraway Shop, but items will only upload successfully if they meet the technical requirements for usage in Faraway’s products. There is also a content moderation process where all items are reviewed and approved or rejected based on content/theming.

Learn more about Faraway’s technical requirements and community standards policy.

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