Adding Items to Your Collection

Add items to your Collection in order to deploy your Collection on-chain and start selling

Once you've created your Collection, it will appear in the Collection tab as a Draft. You will need to add an item, receive approvel for that item from the Faraway Content Moderation Team, and finally, deploy your Collection the the blockchain you selected in the Collection creation process earlier.

Keep in mind that once you deploy your Collection, the deployment cost will be deducted from your connected wallet. Then, a Storefront for you will be automatically generated, where people can buy your items.

Also, note that you can make changes to your Collection name, Collection description, Family name, and Family symbol until you deploy the Collection. If you need to change the blockchain that you selected, you'll need to create a new Collection.

But let's start with the first step of the deployment: adding an item to your Collection.

Click on the Collection that you want to add an item to, then click Add Item.

Next, add some details about your item:

  • Name your item

  • Write a short backstory for your item

  • Enter the sales price

  • Enter a max supply (optional!)

This information will be viewable for all buyers.

Now it's time to upload your item.

Choose the Item Type that you want to upload. If your item uses the male skeleton, then select Character (Male). If your item uses the female skeleton, select Character (Female).

Now it's finally time to add your file. Your item must be in .glb format. You can view all of the technical requirements here. The technical requirements are also mentioned below the upload section.

You are required to add a large image of your item. This is what shoppers will see in your Storefront.

Once you've uploaded your files, click Add.

Congratulations! You've added an item to your Collection.

Your item will show up in the Items tab of your Collection. If you adhered to the technical requirements, the item will be sent to the Faraway Content Moderation Team for review. If your item doesn't meet the technical requirement, then it will be auto-rejected.

Continue to the next section to learn how to deploy your Collection and create your Storefront once your item has been approved.

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