Faraway Wallets

Common questions about using Faraway's non-custodial wallet solution

What is Faraway Wallet?

Faraway Wallet is a secure, non-custodial crypto wallet that allows you to store crypto assets and use them within the Faraway Ecosystem.

Please also note that any airdrop from Faraway will be to your Faraway Wallet, and not to a 3rd party wallet like Metamask or Phantom.

How do I create a Faraway Wallet?

Faraway Wallet will always be inside your Faraway account.

  • Click on your Faraway account username

  • Click Add Wallet

  • Click Create Faraway Wallet

  • You will then be prompted to confirm the email address that your Faraway wallet will be linked to. Click on the check boxes, the click Create Faraway Wallet. Then, your wallet will be created!

How can I access Faraway Wallet?

Faraway Wallet is securely linked to your account. To access the wallet, simply log in to your account on any device and within any Faraway ecosystem product. All you need is access to the email associated with your account.

Does Faraway Wallet work on mobile devices?

Yes, Faraway Wallet does not require additional app installations. It operates natively, providing you with blockchain connectivity 24/7.

Can I use Faraway Wallet on other devices or export it?

To ensure maximum security for your assets, we do not provide anyone access to their private key. Your assets are protected, and no one except you has access to your Faraway Wallet.

Which blockchains does Faraway Wallet support?

Faraway Wallet operates on all chains within the Faraway ecosystem: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana.

Which tokens are supported by Faraway Wallet?

We support the native tokens of each network: ETH, SOL, MATIC, as well as tokens that operate within the Faraway ecosystem: USDC on Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon blockchains; ApeCoin on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

How can I deposit funds into Faraway Wallet?

You can send tokens from any of your wallets directly to your Faraway Wallet by copying the address of your Faraway wallet in the required network. Note which tokens and networks are supported by Faraway Wallet.

Can I withdraw my assets from Faraway Wallet?

Yes, you can transfer tokens and NFTs stored in your wallet to any address in the corresponding chains.

I sent tokens to the wallet, but they are not showing up.

Check if the tokens you sent are supported within Faraway Wallet. If you sent tokens that are not supported, we cannot withdraw them from your wallet.

I sent NFTs to the wallet, but they are not showing up.

Faraway Wallet supports all NFT collections related to the Faraway ecosystem: all UGS Items, gaming collections, external collections used for claiming passes, etc. If you sent NFTs to the wallet that are not supported, we cannot withdraw them from your wallet.

Can I delete my wallet?

All data that has entered the blockchain remains there forever. Unfortunately, deleting the wallet is not possible.

Can I create another Faraway Wallet?

No, only one Faraway Wallet can be associated with each account.

Can I make a purchase using Faraway Wallet?

Yes, all transactions within Faraway games and products support payments using Faraway Wallet: from purchasing SoulGems in Serum City to deploying your own collection in Creator Suite.

How do I confirm a transaction through Faraway Wallet?

We ensure the maximum protection of your data. All transactions with Faraway Wallet are executed only after your confirmation, by entering the code from the email sent to you.

When making a transaction, you will receive an email with the Faraway Wallet Verification Code. Copy and paste it into the transaction confirmation field.

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