NFT Gating Your Collection

Use our NFT Gating tool to limit purchasers to holders of specific collections

NFT Gating lets you require that purchasers of your Faraway Storefront items own at least 1 NFT from the NFT collection(s) that you specify.

NFT Gating can be turned on or off whenever for your Faraway Storefront Collections.

To set up NFT Gating, click on the Collection that you want to gate, then click on the NFT Gating tab.

Toggle on the NFT Gate button, then select the NFT collections that you want to require purchasers to be a holder of. You can add up to 5 collections.

Once your Collection has token gating enabled, items in this Collection will show up with an NFT Gating icon and the name of the collection(s) that buyers are required to hold NFTs from.

When a buyer clicks the Buy button for your token-gated item, they will need to log in to their Faraway account, and they will need to connect the wallet that holds an NFT from the required collection(s) to their Faraway account. They can access their Faraway account and add their wallet by clicking on their username in the upper right corner of the screen.

We are continuously adding new NFT collections to the options available for gating in the platform. If there's a collection that you want to token gate your Faraway Shop Collection with, but it's not in the drop down list, just open up a support ticket in, or shoot us a note at with the collection name and creator address.

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