General Requirements

Your uploaded assets must fulfill a set of requirements in order to be accepted and made available for sale on the Faraway Shop

You can download the skeletons to base your models on using the files below:

Skeletons can not be scaled, resized, or altered in any way. If the skeleton is changed during the design process, the model will not import into the Creator Suite.

After you've uploaded your model(s) to your Collection, the Faraway Moderation Team will review them to ensure that they meet our general and technical requirements.


  • You are only allowed to upload items that you've created. Models purchased from asset stores will not be approved.

  • Zipped files or folders will be rejected. Please upload the files individually instead.

  • Models with likeness or images of people will be rejected

  • Models that contain offensive references, pornographic images or slurs will be rejected

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