Curator Storefronts

Curator Storefronts let people showcase the work of Creators without being one themselves

Some people create, others curate!

Not everyone is a 3D modeler or 2D asset Creators. Curator Storefronts let people select items from across the Faraway Shop and showcase them in a single Storefront.

We are currently accepting applications to join the Curator Program. You can apply to become a Faraway Shop Curator here (you'll need to log in to the Creator Suite to access the application page). You don't need to be be a Creator to be a Curator.

You can also get to the application by clicking the Curator Storefront tab in your Creator Suite dashboard.

This tab will be where you can add various items from across the Faraway Shop to your Curator Storefront.

Currently, any item in the Faraway Shop can be added to a Curator Storefront. Curated items will appear with a rainbow border to help convey that they are a curated item and not an item created by the Curator.

Once you've been accepted as a Curator, set up your Curated Storefront. You'll need a Curated Collection Name, and you'll need to choose some items to add to your Curated Storefront.

You can add up to 30 items to your Curated Collection.

If your Curated Items slider is activated, once you save changes, your Curated Collection will appear on your Storefront.

Curator (Seller) Revenue Shares

There are four parties that are paid every time an item sells on the Faraway Shop:

  1. Creator (50%) - The creator receives, at minimum, 50% of the purchase price of their item that sells on the Faraway Shop

  2. Curator or Seller (35% or 40%) - The seller of an item receives 40% of the item's purchase price if there is no referrer, and 35% of the purchase price if there is a referrer for that purchase. The Seller can be the Creator or a dedicated Seller (Curator) that focuses on selling other Creators' items

  3. Referrer (5%) - If applicable, the referrer whose link was used to complete the purchase receives 5% out of the Seller's 40%.

  4. Platform (10%) - The platform (Faraway, in this scenario) receives a 10% revenue share on all transactions made through the Faraway Shop for facilitating the sale through its technology and commerce platform.

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