Creating a Collection

Start your creator journey by creating a collection for your items.

To create your own collection, head to

You'll need to log in with your EVM (ETH/MATIC) or Solana wallet. Once you're logged in, click Create Collection.

General Info

Next, fill all required information:

  • Upload a Collection thumbnail

  • Name your Collection

  • Add a description to your Collection

  • Turn Auto Publishing on or off

    • When Auto Publishing is on, the items you add to your Collection will be available in your Storefront as soon as they are approved by the Faraway Moderation Team. If off, you'll need to manually deploy your items to your Storefront after they are approved.

Blockchain Info

The next step is to add more information about your collection.

  • Add a Family Name - the name of the overall project your collection belongs to (e.g. name of the game or consumer app). If you've already created a Collection before, you can use the same Family Name here, or make a new one.

  • Add a Family Symbol - This is an abbreviation for your Family Name. If you've already created a Collection before, you can use the same Family Symbol here, or make one for a new Family Name

  • Select a blockchain - This will be the blockchain that your Collection gets deployed to once at least one of your items has been approved. Anyone who buys an item from this Collection will need to use the digital currency associated with that blockchain for the purchase.

Please note that you won't be able to change blockchain once you save your collection.

Revenue Shares

Every time one of your items sells in the Faraway Shop, the revenue from the sale is split between the item creator and the item seller. There is also a platform fee deducted from the revenue.

In this step of the Collection creation process, you'll need to add your wallet address where you want your revenue share to be sent to.

Creator revenue share: 50%

The Creator is the individual who originally created the item and uploaded it to their Collection.

Seller revenue share: 40%

The Seller is the person who owns the Storefront where the Creator’s item was purchased.

If a shopper goes to a Creator’s Storefront via direct link and purchases an item, then the Creator will be considered both the Creator and Seller for that transaction. This means that the Creator will receive both the Creator and Seller revenue shares (90%) for that transaction.

If a shopper discovers the Creator’s item from the Faraway Shop, which aggregates all Creator items, then Faraway will be considered the Seller and will receive the Seller share for facilitating the transaction.

Platform fee: 10%

10% each transaction is also reserved as a platform fee.

Confirm Collection Creation

This is the last step of creating a collection, but keep in mind that your Collection won't actually be deployed to the blockchain and available in the Faraway Shop until at least one of the items you add has been approved.

There is a deployment cost to create your Collection, but again, this won't be charged until you've added an item and manually publish your Collection.

The deployment costs are:

  • For Collections deployed to Solana: 0.01 SOL

  • For Collections deployed to Ethereum: 0.002 ETH

  • For Collection deployed to Polygon: 0.003 MATIC

Check the box at the bottom of the page, then hit Create.

Congrats! You now have a Collection. But we're not done yet. You will still need to add items to this Collection in order to be able to sell anything.

Head to the next section of this guide to learn about adding items and deploying/publishing your Collection to the Faraway Shop.

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